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    When someone performs a vehicle restorations task which matches up with their passion, the results are astounding. Extra thought, attention to detail, time and consideration is always dedicated to a project when someone truly loves what they’re doing. When it comes to the hobby of car restorations, the passion runs high in Pluckley Coachworks bodywork services.

    Car restorations are what Pluckley Coachworks knows and loves best.

    They can turn your vintage cars, classic cars, sports cars and more into a shiny new beauty, ready for the road or ready for a car show. That old car you have sitting in your backyard probably has a great foundation, and it’s just ready for a couple of capable people to look at that car and pull the best of its potential out.

    Give them an idea of what you’re looking for and let ‘em run wild. The Pluckley Coachworks team are experts in car bodywork repair, restorations and exterior design. With well-rounded knowledge in the industry, innovation, professional quality and cutting edge design comes naturally. You can take a look at some examples of the work of Pluckley founders Alex and James in the “Gallery” tab of our website. Whether it’s a vintage car or an ultra-modern sports model, we absolutely love rediscovering a shabby old vehicle’s potential.

    Alex and James have worked on all kinds of cars, including Jaguar C Types, MGA, Maserati Khamsin, Ferraris and much, much more. Let a couple of guys who know what they’re doing and LOVE what they’re doing make something great out of a car of yours which has seen better times, or just needs a little body work. Whether it’s for car shows, a nice trophy for the garage or simply an impressive set of wheels to show off around the neighborhood, let Alex and James make it shine. They won’t disappoint.