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  • resprays for a finer finish

    Have an old car you absolutely love but you notice its appearance has gotten a bit dowdy over the years? Resprays are a great way to restore the appearance of your car and bring back to it's former glory. All that paint degradation, small scratches, weather damage and more builds up over time and damages the appearance of your car. A simple repaint can’t always cover this up, but respraying will give your car a new solid foundation from which you can give your car a whole new look. You may not even be able to recognize it!

    Pluckley Coachworks are experts in carrying out resprays and are pleased to offer respraying services to their customers. Nothing feels better than having a shiny new car, but even if you can’t shell out the money to do that, you can revamp that old car you love!

    Performing a total respray is a specialist job, and if it isn’t done exactly right it can leave you with annoying overspray on your windows, discolorations on your wheels and rims or worse. Without a proper foundation set, you can easily end up with unwanted layers of paint, and scratches and flaws that will really show through.

    Only a professional with the right tools and equipment can perform resprays properly. But don’t worry, respraying can be an affordable process and turn out really great if you hand your car over to the right professionals.

    With having over two decades of experience in the car body work business, James and Alex are the guys for you when you’re ready to respray your car and match it as good as new. They love nothing more than beautifying and restoring cars who have seen better aesthetic days, and that passion will show if you send your car their way for a total respray.