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    The expertise of Pluckley Coachworks doesn’t end with vehicles!  In addition to all the great car body work Alex and James offer, they also use that expertise in structure fabrication as well. If it involves any kind of welding and spraying, these guys have got you covered. They can offer you light steel fabrication, gates, railings, mezzanines and more.  

    It can be fantastically useful to have custom welded and constructed platforms and equipment for your facilities or company.  Fine tune an architectural solution and run it by the Pluckley team, and they’ll work with you to create an effective structure in keeping with what you have in mind.

    In particular, Pluckey Coachworks does great work when it comes to the fabrication of fencing and railing.  

    Sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and professionally made, these customized exterior designs are an excellent way to beautify your residential yard or bring more personality and character to your office or business facilities.

    There’s very little you can’t do with a good welder and some high quality metal, and Pluckley Coachworks offers both.  Any structural design or metal equipment you have in mind is probably within the realm of our welding and framework experts.  

    Recently, they have performed other projects involving the refurbishment of Ferrari 355 magnesium wheels which is a specialist job often not taken on by regular wheel refurbishers. Interior home and office painting has also been carried out to complete satisfaction.  The possibilities are quite literally endless! 

    If you have a dream made of metal, run it by us at Pluckley Coachworks and we’ll see what we can do!  With eyes for design, professional quality and experience and a lot of hard work, they can make the project or design in your mind’s eye and bring it into physical existence.  We can promise a beautiful end result customized to your preferences and needs every single time.