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  • accident repairs

    There’s nothing worse than having a traffic accident followed by the ensuing need for accident repairs to your vehicle. It doesn't matter whether it's a case of just hitting a curb, scraping your shining new car or getting a huge unattractive dent in the side of your vehicle. But dents, scratches and more serious accident damage doesn't have to be the end of the world.  Accident repairs are the bane of everyone’s life, but having a good, reliable and fair car bodywork repair company is the best way to overcome the problem.  Not only does Pluckley Coachworks carry out tons of respraying, bodywork and restorations, but they can also be your go-to guys for those inevitable car body repair needs.

    With each having over a decade of experience in the car industry and bodywork services, Alex and James are knowledgeable, efficient, willing and capable body shop experts who would be happy to get you out of your next car accident repairs situation.  

    While they’ve worked for many major companies in the past, they pursued the vision of creating their own company, bringing that small-town personable mechanic feeling together with high efficiency and corporate competence.  

    They have worked with countless car models and styles from the classic to the modern, so they’re familiar with and capable of working with nearly any model you bring to them.  There’s nothing better than having knowledgeable mechanics who know you, know your car and know exactly what to do with that car to make you happy.  Pluckley Coachworks is ready to be that body work team for you.

    Next time your car scratches a post, gets a bumper dent, is damaged in a more major accident or simply needs a few minor touch ups, consider Pluckley Coachworks as your service provider.  Professional quality service, a personable staff, small business intimacy and a result you’re guaranteed to be happy with.  We’ve got it all and more right here!