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    • Pluckley Coachworks

      For anyone needing bodywork repairs on your vehicle, whether it be a complete restoration job, a custom paint job, accident repairs or any kind of fabrication we can do it.

    • Vehicle Restorations


      Owners of Antique and Classics cars are the most common customers for car restorations, but that doesn’t mean that newer models or common vehicles are exempt from reconditioning.  For the rare car collectors though, a restoration job is best left to experts who will help you research, select, and execute the most accurate representation of a car’s former glory.  The goal should be to go for the highest quality parts and workmanship, saving a few hundred pounds isn’t worth it if the end result doesn’t give you that magical feeling that you fell in love with the first time you saw your dream car.

    • Resprays


      It is not necessary to go to the big franchise chain’s paint and body shop, get it done at your local business that has experience and knows what they’re doing.  We have the same tools and ovens to complete the job to a high standard.  You can be assured that we will remove your existing paintwork  properly, the bodywork is then prepped including any rust inhibitors if required. An undercoat is applied and finally the vehicle would be sprayed in the color of your choice.

    • Accident Repairs

      accident repairs

      Don’t get stressed out by accidents, we all have them, it’s not the end of the world.  If you’re dealing with expert body mechanics, collision repair comes naturally.  Dent removals, part replacements, affordable touch-ups needed on a leased vehicle?  Rest easy knowing that all cosmetic repairs, and more, can be done quickly and flawlessly, where no one could tell the damage was there.

    • Custom Paint Jobs

      custom paint jobs

      Custom resprays allow you to get a paint job that offers a little more detail than the standard paint job that you’ll find on any standard car finish on the market.  Get a nice black matte to give your car a bit more edge, a pearlescent to really bring out the highlights and color scheme, or a nice gloss to really bring attention to your car.

    • Last, but not least, if all you need done at the body shop is some bumper repair, that’s just fine.  It is much better to fix it early than to wait and potentially find out that the damage was worse than it looked like on the outside.  Most bumper damage can be fixed without even disassembling it, but if it does need some extra care, it will be sanded, filled, and rebuffed before a respray to return it to its like-new state again. Small dents and chips are likewise treated in the same way bringing your vehicle back into good shape.